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About Glass & Window  Repair

From town homes to apartment buildings, schools, churches and hospitals, our team is glad to assist you in finding the best and most cost effective solution for your project. With Glass & Window Repair , we can assure you quality window installation without the stress of worrying about future water damage or rot to to your windows. We replace broken windows - and as window repair experts, we have built a trusted, reliable, business relationship with most manufacturers of windows installed in our surrounding areas, and know if there is a replacement part available for your window.
We are  windows contractor providing quality service to residential, industrial, and commercial clients in New York City. From repairing, fixing, to installing new windows, our expert technicians are dedicated to working with you to implement a solution that meets your needs.
Glass And Window repair inc. provides quality repair, installation & replacement service in the Bronx, NY., all throughout the Tri-State and surrounding areas. We offer a wide variety of replacement windows, custom windows, bay windows and more, all with cutting edge energy saving technology. With a reputation for excellence, lifetime reinforced frames, simple and affordable pricing, we are known for providing the best, hassle-free window shopping experience around.

What we do? Fix windows

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Glass And Window Repair Inc. is here to resolve your windows problems , if window is falling down or doesn't stay up, crack on glass , foggy between the panes , windows doesn't locks , need balances replace , glass replace, window replace, the solution is here.